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So why did I decide to purchase and do a Tantus Fido Review? Well, I must say that I was intrigued by the idea of a knot. Something large partway down the shaft of a toy that is an almost insurmountable combination of pleasure, strain, and pain. I was actually initially looking for a large butt plug that could provide some prostate stimulation and have enough taper to not fall out during sex. I only found one option I liked for that, but it was out of stock and made from PVC which I try to minimize my use of. So in my quest I naturally browsed the XL Toys list at Tantus and that is where I came across the Tantus Fido.

I read a few other reviews and people had some pretty good things to say about the pressure this thing really forces you to get over and then being able to pull it in and out over the knot. I enjoy the occasional challenge, something about pushing your limits is enticing. As I looked at the specs and the length, I compared it to my Tantus General. I can take the full General after some good warmup and I really do enjoy that toy. Comparing the length, it looked like the distance from the tip to just past the knot is similar to the length of the General. Next I looked at the width, the shaft is actually small by comparison, but the knot is significantly larger. The General is 2.2″ at the largest and the knot on the Fido is 2.5″! Now 0.3″ in diameter might not sound like a lot, but that is almost a whole inch more in circumference, meaning your asshole has to stretch by a whole inch more to accommodate this knot. Still, I have taken large things before and I really wanted to try this out, so out came the credit card and I ordered it up from my friends at SheVibe. At $59, it really is a steal for such a large toy from someone like Tantus. So to get free shipping I also ordered up a toy for Vivian too, the Satisfyer Deluxe Rechargeable Waterproof Pressure Wave Stimulator.

Taking the Tantus Fido for a Ride

As usual, the toy couldn’t come fast enough. I watched the little SheVibe tracking map to see it coming across the country to me.

First Impressions. It really is a great looking toy that begs to be played with, just like most Tantus toys. I wanted to use it as soon as it came, but I decided I should wait for Vivian to share the first experience.

When the time came, Vivian wanted to use it as a strap-on. Even though it is not marketed as strap-on compatible, I figured why not, so we tried it with our harness and we found that the Tantus Fido actually did work with our Spareparts Hardware Joque harness. We were able to squeeze and fold the base and shove it through the o-ring and it held really well.

With that out of the way, we decided start with me on my back, with my ass propped up on a pillow at the edge of the bed and my legs in the air. This allows Viv to stand at the edge of the bed and fuck me. For lube we pulled out our Sliquid Sassy lube, as it usually handles most of our needs. Vivian slowly pushed the toy in and, with the nice tapered head, the main shaft slid in nicely. She pulled in and out a few times so I could feel the ribbing on the main shaft. It felt pretty good, but since I wasn’t really loosened up yet, it was just OK. Later on, once I was loose, these ribs feel really good!

Next came the knot, Vivian pushed the knot against my poor little hole and it didn’t feel like there was any chance of it going in. We pushed and pushed and while from her point of view it looked like it was going in, all that we were really doing was pushing my little sphincter further back as it was refusing to yield to something so blunt. Remember the shaft is 1.6″ in diameter and the knot is 2.5″. While .9″ in diameter difference doesn’t sound like much, it is a 2.8″ difference in circumferences. That means my ass has to stretch by 2.8″ to make this transition!! Thinking a change of lube might help, we grabbed something more serious, the Butters!

We also decided to change positions, so Viv laid down on the bed with her Fido reaching toward the sky and I straddled her to try a little Cowboy. I sat on her Fido cock and still it did not feel like I was making any progress. No pain, but no progress. I turned and faced her feet for a little reverse cowboy. Kneeling between her legs, I slowly sat down on the Fido. I pushed down and pushed down and finally started to feel some pressure. As I sat down further I felt the insane stretch that meant I was making progress. I pulled my cheeks apart and slowly wiggled down on the knot, inching one side of my ass down, then the other. The pressure was overwhelming, I had to pause and take a breather, each move kept stretching me further and I felt like I was never going to get to the full size of the knot. Finally I went for one last push. I sat down harder wiggling as I did so, then POP, my sphincter spread wide open over the knot and then quickly slipped past the pinnacle to the far side. The intensity was so insane I became weak in the knees and collapsed. As I fell forward the Fido remained securely in my ass; I was panting as I caught my breath again. It was so overwhelmingly pleasurable and painful at the same time.

After a few moments, I slowly pushed the Fido back out with an almost similarly blinding pain.

Vivian took the opportunity to get up and tell me to roll over again on my back so she could try to fuck me again. She fucked me and we slowly got the knot back in again with still massive pain and pleasure. I decided I would let her try to fuck me doggy style and see if that was any better. Vivian had me stand and bend over the bed so she could take me from behind. When she shoved the Fido back in, I almost couldn’t feel the main shaft since I was so stretched out from the knot, I could only feel the ribs which were a nice tickle. We worked the knot in and out a few more times, but I just don’t think I was loose enough for it to be as pleasurable as I had hoped. Maybe I need to warm up with something that is like 2.75″ diameter first… Don’t get me wrong, having this knot inside me and the pressure in and out felt really good, but I wasn’t going to cum from it. It also wasn’t hitting my prostate, so I wasn’t going to have a p-spot orgasm either.

To finish the session, we pulled out the Tantus General to wrap things up. Vivan slicked it up with some Butters and shoved it in my ass. It slid right in with almost no resistance after the Fido. She was masterful with it, ensuring she raked the curved tip across my prostate. The Fido must have got me warmed up really nice, because I was leaking cum like crazy every time she pulled the General across my prostate. Damn it felt so good! A little handjob along side that and I came pretty hard.

Round 2

For all reviews going forward, I decided every toy should get at least two sessions before a final judgement. The next day I gave the Fido another shot while I was still loosened up from the night before. I went solo so I could be in full control and have no worries about the other party. The play started with the Tantus General since the largest part of the General would get me kinda close to the stretch I needed. I sat down on the General and slowly took the whole thing, surprised how easy my ass consumed it, but I guess after the night before I shouldn’t have been. I moved onto the Fido and slicked it up with some Butters and then knelt down on top of it on the floor. As before, the shaft went in easy, then came the knot. I dropped a towel and then knelt on the floor so I could sit down on it, out full length mirror was behind me so I could watch my progress. I wiggled my ass back and forth while pulling my cheeks apart and finally after a lot of stretching it popped all the way in. It was so intense. It also felt very deep since I had just started playing and hadn’t stretched the depths of my ass as well. I was determined to pull it in and out and try this pressure play everyone was talking about in reviews. I managed to get it in and out a few times and then I decided I wanted to just pause right on the knot and hold the stretch. So I pushed it out just to when I felt it hit the midpoint and left it there. The stretch was intense, but felt really good. I wiggled it back and forth while I was stretched to the limit on the knot and the pressure felt good and controlled. I edged it in and out with my ass as it slid just over the near side, then just over the far side. It felt very good. This was the pressure play people wrote about. I grabbed my hard cock and started stroking it furiously while I rode the Fido and pushed it in and out with my ass and by sitting on it, still just riding the largest part of the knot. The pressure built and built and before long I shot out long streams of cum all over the towel I had laid on the floor. One final push and the Fido popped out with ease and my freshly assaulted ass felt divine.

I have since tried it a couple more times, always warming up with the General first. Warm up is key. I also switched to using Sliquid Sassy as a lube and feel like that makes it pop in a little easier. The Sassy is a very fast lube, while the butters is a bit slower.

I think for those that are looking for the challenge and know what they are getting into, this is a great toy for you. Especially if you are already playing in this advanced size range. This was just a bit beyond the range I normally play in and that extra inch of circumference was a lot for me, especially as a strap-on. I don’t know how often this toy will come out, but at the same time I always seem to have an urge every now and then for a good stretch. Maybe this will meet the need instead of a fist…then again maybe I might just want that fist.


  • Works with a strap-on harness, at least the Spareparts Hardware Joque harness.
  • Ribs feel nice
  • The shaft after the knot is plenty long to let you relax and still have room for thrusting
  • The shaft after the knot is also smaller than the main shaft which is a nice break


  • Pretty much for Advanced Anal Play, this is not for beginner or intermediate.
  • No real build up to the knot, it is just there, BAM! It can be overwhelming and a lot of work to get it in.

Overall: 7.8/10

Vendor Description

The Fido creates a unique anal experience unlike any other! The middle knot acts as a plug that releases an amazing pressure when inserted and pulled out. The ribbing on the upper shaft stimulates the inner anal muscle band, and when combined with the sensation of the knot, creates an amazing experience.  

Made of 100% Ultra-Premium Softsilicone, this is an advanced toy for people who know what they are doing and demand quality from products they put in their bodies. 

Safe For Your Body: Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
Easy To Clean: Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, Bleachable and Dishwasher Safe.
Harness Compatible: Yes, with o-ring style harnesses. Fold-down the base to put the ring around the bottom shaft.

Top Tip Diameter: 1.8″

Ribbed Shaft Diameter: 1.6″

Middle Ball Diameter: 2.5″

Bottom Shaft Diameter: 1.3″

Base Diameter: 2.8″

Insertable Length: 9″

Weight: 15 oz

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