Surrender to Sensual Fantasy: Vergil by Bad Dragon Review

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Who is Bad Dragon?

If you have ever spent some time digging deep into the world of dildos, you might have tripped across Bad Dragon Toys. This outfit started in 2008 with the sole purpose to fill the void in the market that served people who wanted fantasy sex toys (well and filling all your other voids as well). Since then they have designed scores of different models of toys including dildos, masturbators, sheaths, and packers. Their models are available in almost infinite colors, a massive range of sizes, and lots of firmness options. You really get to make yourself a custom toy.

I ran across their site a few times, but honestly did not pay much attention until recently. With pegging being a part of our lives, it was only natural for Viv to have her fingers in my ass stretching me out before using a toy on me or strapping one on. I craved more fingers and wanted her whole hand in me, but I knew that it would take a stretching journey to get there. This toy was just one of many on that journey.

Why Vergil?

I came across the Vergil when I was browsing videos of toys being used to reach new limits and started to see toys with “knots” in them. A toy with a knot seemed like a good way to expand your limits and be able to also hold the toy in like a plug to keep the stretch. One video I saw was of Siswet. She is a Dutch porn actress that seems obsessed with reaching new goals of stretching her ass. I came across her taking on an intriguing looking dildo with a huge knot, so my research journey began to see what that toy was! After a bit of searching I finally discovered it was the Vergil by Bad Dragon toys.

As Siswet is a self-proclaimed size queen, I assumed she got the largest one, the XL, so I ordered up an XL Vergil in Medium firmness. Now Firmness is always something I struggle with on each toy, and it really does depend on the manufacturer, toy, the shape, size, length, etc. But I figured I didn’t want a toy like this too soft if I was pushing limits.

As often happens, my eyes were bigger than my ass and I bought it. When I got my hands on this thing, I swear it had to have been bigger than advertised. The heft, the size, it was overwhelming and also erotically energizing at the same time. I wanted it in my ass, now.

First Try

Prior to the getting going, I filled my sink with hot water and dropped Vergil in for a few minutes to warm it up. A warm toy really can make a difference when going for new records. I lubed up Vergil with some Palm Grease and gave it a go. Now as you can see from the picture above, the first third of the toy is like an exaggerated head, from the pointed tip it expands quickly and then drops down almost abruptly. The first part of the Vergil slid right in, then as I pushed further I realized that I am not only working against the girth of the knot, but also the depth of the entire unit. While I could hit the knot, I could not go much deeper without feeling some pressure deep inside and I could feel my body fighting back. This toy has 9.75″ of usable length!! I needed to work on depth and then come back.

After a lot of searching and some fun on this Sex Toy Nerds dildo sizer, I determined I needed to add a couple of Mr Hankey’s Toys to my collection, the Chorizo n’ Eggs and the Goliath. With these I could get deeper first, and then focus on the knot. Chorizo n’Eggs I ordered in XXL (not even the largest size) and medium firm density. The XXL Chorizo n’ Eggs is 9.6″ of insertable depth, starts at 9.9″ circumference, and reaches a max circumference of 11.2″ in the middle of the shaft, before tapering back a little bit at the base. Not a toy for the faint of heart. I figured that one would just be brute force depth and also had a circumference that would work close to the range of Virgil’s 11.25″ knot. For the Goliath I ordered up the LG/XL model (their smallest size!) in 75% Soft density. The Goliath is 8.75″ of insertable depth, starts at 5.5″ circumference, quickly graduating to 9″ and all the way up to 11.5″ at the base. Both of these were in similar range of max dimensions as the Vergil. I figured they would each let me get a workout before re-attempting the massive knot of the Dragon.

The Interlude of Goliath and Chorizo

I received the Chorizo n’ Eggs and OMG, it is a beast. The Medium firm density is actually pretty stiff in this and has very little give and the thing weights a ton. I follow my usual next step of washing it up and then soaking it in a sink of hot water to warm it up. I next slather it up with some Palm Grease and position myself over it. As I lower onto it, this is a whole different ballgame. This toy does not give much at all due to the firmness. Since the head of this thing starts at 9.9″ circumference it immediately starts to stretch me. I roll my ass around on it slowly as I try to get it to work its way into my resisting hole. Finally my ass remembers it has seen this size before and it starts to yield. As I slide down and the head begins to penetrate me, the stretch is insane. Only the first few inches are in and it keeps stretching and stretching my ass, my breath quickens and deepens at the same time. I continue to push unsure when this stretch will end, just then my ass slides over the head of the cock and I feel a pop as my hole slips past the head and grips the slightly smaller section just before the start of the shaft. A wave of pleasure and conquest wash over me. It feels like a beast just slid the head of his cock into my ass. I rest for a second, knowing this is only momentary and I must push on. As I bear down, the shaft quickly grows again to a max of 11.2″ around at the mid-point. I feel my innards being pushed to the limit as I realize I must be at the end of my colon and pushing into the sigmoid bend. I slowly start to ride up and down on the shaft. It is so large that it is pressing my prostate and I am leaking milk each time I drive my ass deeper down on it. It is such a mixture of feelings of pleasure, stretch, limits, pain. But I can’t stop. I want more. I continue and take little breaks letting my ass take breaks. Finally I make it about 3/4 down the cock before I have to stop and let everything rest.

A few days later the Goliath arrives…. I tell you, Hankey’s Toys do not mess around. Remember, this is the SMALLEST Goliath they make. There are two larger sizes (the XXL and the 4XL). I immediately notice the texture is very smooth, I wash it up, and lube it up. Placing the warmed Goliath on the edge of the bath tub, I proceed to lower myself down upon it. The head starts at a respectable 5.5″ circumference and quickly graduates to over 8″ around. As the head starts to penetrate my hole, I notice a very nice stretch. I slowly ride the head up and down and each time the head pushes on my prostate and provides such a blissful pressure. As the head pops in and out and my pushes on my prostate I savor the feeling. I start having small prostate orgasms and involuntarily leaking cum from my cock. The smooth texture of the toy combined with the Palm Grease provides for almost no drag. I push on and continue to ride it deeper, as I do so I just feel the stretch as is slips deeper and deeper. It goes from 8″ to 9″ to 10″ and all the way to 11″+ at the base. I am not quite able to bottom out the first time, due to the depth, but the stretch feels soo luscious and may have earned this a ranking as a new top toy for my toybox. I ride it for a bit more and then grab the Chorizo n’ Eggs to see how I can handle it now.

The Chorize n’ Eggs goes deeper and slides right in. I alternate until I am finally able to bottom out on the Goliath. I slide all the way down until I feel the balls of the Goliath touch my ass. Another conquest!

Lets do this

After weeks of training, alternating between the Goliath and Chorizo n’ Eggs, I finally attack the Vergil from Bad Dragon. I pull all three toys out and warm up with the Goliath and Chorizo n’ Eggs. I then lube up Vergil and slide down on it, the first part of the toy always feels so good as the tip abruptly pops in, and your ass then collapses around the middle. As I sit there, it feels like I have just taken a large butt plug, but I am only getting started. From there I have an almost insurmountable knot. I push deeper and deeper. As I squat down on it, I sit upright, and attempt a meditative state to allow my innards to relax. They continue to push back against this beast of width and depth. For two days I try without success, always feeling like I must be so close. With each attempt my body gives in a little more and also pushes back a little harder as I go deeper. Finally on the third day, I determine this will be the day. I sit down on Vergil and slowly push against the knot with constant unyielding pressure. The stretch is intense and my body is pushing back against the depth of this beast. It does not want to yield to not only the depth, but also the breadth of this thing filling my colon. I bear down and spread my ass as much as I can, then all of a sudden…I feel the stretching pause even though I continue to push, I realize that I am at the maximum size of the knot and almost there. I push further and deeper and then I start to feel the wonderful feeling of my ass sliding slowly down the other side of this beast. At the same time I am filled to the max with the knot inside and the depth pushing my innards. My body is revolting and muscles are wanting to spasm and push this beast out of my ass. Knowing that I cannot be far from my ass kissing the base, I push deeper and focus my thoughts on calming my body. I must not give up till I feel the hilt! I have trouble controlling my breath, I involuntarily grunt as I continue to push. This journey cannot end until my ass feels the base against it. Finally after what seems like an eternity, my ass touches the base, I finally have hilted it. Success, pleasure, pain, overwhelm. Almost immediately my body gives up and pushes out. As I stand up and catch my breath, I feel the thrill of the conquest and also very lightheaded. I take a beat and relish in my new success, also knowing that I will be trying this again soon, very soon.

The Verdict

This is not a daily driver, at least in the XL size. I think a smaller version of this might actually be really great and might order one in the future. The Chorizo n’ Eggs I ordered is great for stretching, but not a daily driver so I ordered the smaller Medium size of the same toy, and it is probably my favorite go-to toy. So size matters as does your anatomy. If you want to spring for a Bad Dragon Toy, you want a massive conquest to take on, and are experienced, then Vergil might be the one for you.

Something about Bad Dragon’s Vergil keeps drawing me to it, saying “Go ahead see if you can take me one more time.” So there is something to be said for that. I have a number of toys in my toybox that sit silent, but not this Dragon.


  • Lots of color options
  • Multiple options for density
  • Cumtube option if you want it to ejaculate in you (did not opt for this)
  • Great quality
  • Beautiful toy
  • Multiple Sizes Available


  • Bad Dragon only does a few open runs of products a year. If you don’t see what you want on their site in inventory, then you need to sign up for Bad Dragon Mailing list and wait for them to open orders. I waited a couple months for orders to open and then my toy took a few weeks after ordering.

Overall: 8.5/10

Vendor Description

One of our ultimate fan favorites, Vergil is designed specifically to work with our famous cumtubes. So if you’re in the mood for some messy, drippy fun, Vergil is your toy.

Topped with a spade-shaped tip, that gently tapers inward only to slope out again at its nicely sized bulge, Vergil is sure to take you on a pleasurable ride. Smooth with slight texturing, it basically asks to be rubbed down with cum lube and slid deep inside. Once in, give it a slight twist to discover its many sensational attributes that grind against all the right places.

Excellent for g-spot and p-spot stimulation, Vergil can be used vaginally or anally, so take the plunge and bring home this toy today.

Dimensions (of XL)Extra Large
Circumference of Head9.35″
Circumference of Knot11.25″
Circumference of Shaft7.75″
Diameter of Head3.2″
Diameter of Knot4″
Diameter of Shaft2.5″
Total Length12.3″
Usable Length9.75″

Full Size Chart:

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