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Why am I doing an Uberrime Optimo Review? The Optimo was the result of a journey to find a great P-Spot toy Vivan could use to strap-on and fuck me. Both Vivian and I love the Tantus Vamp that came with our very first strap-on kit. I mean, there really is a lot to love about the Vamp, it is firm but flexible, it has a nice girth that is easy to take with just a little warmup, it is strap-on friendly, and it has a nice base to hold on to for manual play (by me or Vivan). On the downside, it is straight, the Vamp does not have any curve to help stimulate the P-Spot (or G-Spot). Also, for my body, the Vamp is just a bit too long, like a fraction of an inch or so. This means that when Vivian is fucking me, unless I am really stretched out, it hits the back of my rectum in a bit of a painful way. Now don’t get me wrong, after she has been slow fucking me with shallower strokes I am practically begging for her to fuck me deep so I can feel this intensity. But overall it would be nice to have a toy in our Progressive Toybox that did not do that. Sometimes you just fuck (or be fucked) and not waste much time with warmup.

For my requirements I was looking for a toy that was:

  • Curved to hit the prostate
  • Similar girth to the Vamp (1.7″ diameter)
  • Slightly shorter than the Vamp ( < 6.25″ insertable length)

After much searching, I came across the Ubberime Optimo Dual Density Dildo. By the way, does anyone else get as turned on as I do searching for sex toys? Anyway, I was immediately intrigued by curved shaft with the large pronounced head on top. As I read through customer reviews, many raved about this bulbous head, the curve and how they really hit the spot (P-Spot). Liking the idea of a softer dual-density toy, I made the jump and purchased one from my favorite stores, SheVibe. And since it wasn’t one of the cheapest toys, it qualified for free shipping.

Testing out the Ubberime Optimo

Like a child I waited impatiently, constantly checking my shipping status as my package made its journey to me across the country. When the Optimo finally arrived, I was pretty excited to see what all those reviews were about. After removing it from the packaging, i noticed a definite heft to it. I felt the cock head and it was raised and pronounced. The dual density was soft to touch, but the rigid core made sure it held form while still being forgiving, it had a little more flex than my Tantus Vamp but still holds form well. Also, I lined it up next to my Vamp and while on paper this thing is only .25″ less insertable length, the actual amount I noticed when lining up the bases was well over half an inch. This is just what I wanted!

As with many of our new toys, we get a bit excited and don’t do a great job with warmup. We started with my making sure that Vivian was satisfied. Some heavy petting, that quickly turned into a nice slow insertion of my cock in missionary and some cuddling as my cock played around inside her wonderfully caressing pussy. I then began to fuck her every which way until she was cumming. This, of course, made me just want to desperately eat her pussy cum. So I moved on down and lapped it all up and started to lick all around her clit before giving it some special attention. After a few more waves washed over, I threw her legs up on my shoulders to ensure each stroke of my cock would push against her G-Spot and ultimately hit her A-Spot. She eventually collapsed as I lay next to her.

It only then takes Vivian a quick 30 second rest before she is ready to return the favor of pleasure. She hopped out of bed, pulled out our favorite Sliquid Sassy Anal Lube, and then dug into the toybox to pull out the Ubberime Optimo.

As I lay on my back, she crawled across the bed and kneeled between my legs. She leaned forward and began to suck her cum off of my cock and then lick every inch of my shaft, paying special attention to the head. Wow, she is great at sucking cock! On occasion she would show off how much she can take by taking my whole cock in her mouth and swallowing it. Moving on, Viv then slathered up her fingers with Sassy lube, inserting two into my ass and stroking my prostate. I love when she massages my ass so much.

After not too much play time, she grabbed the Optimo, go time! I am not sure if she was more exited to use it on me, or I was more excited to have it shoved in my ass. Either way, she lubed it up and pushed the head against my backdoor, as I lay on my back with my legs in the air. I pushed my ass against it to help it go in easier, but that head was bigger than I expected. With the slickness of the Sassy lube, another little push and it popped in. There was a bit of sharp pain (since we didn’t prep well enough), but then as my ass relaxed around the narrower shaft and the tension quickly eased.

She began to slowly plunge the dildo in and out. I asked her to go all the way in so I could feel the length, which turned out to be just about perfect. Either the length or angle (or both) meant that she could bottom this toy out and I didn’t feel the sometimes uncomfortable stretch of my rectum. As she pounded the toy in and out I could feel the pronounced head and curve hitting the prostate. I finally came with some pretty solid force. It was a nice toy to say the least. But if this is to be a comprehensive review, we need to try it a second time…

Part Two

The second time was even better. On our first run, I was a busy thinking about the review too much (it happens). I wanted to try this out as a strap on so I loaded the Optimo up in our Spareparts Joque Harness. We first made sure Viv’s needs were taken care of, then we quickly moved to me. I could see in her eyes that she was lusting to fuck my ass and see me scream in pleasure, so she slipped into the harness and stood there in front of me with her new cock at attention. She had me lay on my back with my ass at the edge of the bed, just like I had just done to her minutes before. After a little adjustment and a pillow under my back she was able to stand next to the bed and position herself. We knew a little better this time regarding warmup and she worked my ass first with her fingers, getting all the way up to four fingers. I was writhing with pleasure as we warmed up ass.

Viv then lubed up her Optimo cock with some Sliquid Sassy and knocked at my backdoor. She slowly pushed and, this time, it popped right in. Vivian started with some slow deep strokes. Then she moved her hips from side to side while she was thrusting, exploring the inner depths of my ass. The feeling was wonderful. She then pulled all the way out a few times and then back in to the hilt. Since I was nice and stretched, the head on the Optimo did not bother me this time. Actually on the contrary it felt good popping in and out of my ass.

Then she went deep, held it and then she proceeded to fuck me hard. I could feel her hips slam into my ass each time she bottomed out in me. Watching My Goddess over me as she fucked me, with that beautiful smile on her face (a mix of love, passion, and sexy kitten), was pure heaven. The pressure from the curve and head of the Optimo was not super intense on my prostate, but it was present and caused a nice slow build to a prostate wave of orgasm. I was moaning out load it felt so good, I couldn’t control myself. She started stroking my cock as she fucked me. I didn’t want her to stop, but I also knew that she probably couldn’t fuck me as long as I can fuck her. Women just don’t have the lifetime of experience with that kind of hip motion. So I grabbed my own cock and stroked myself to an explosive orgasm while she grabbed my hips and fucked me as hard and deep as she could. Wow! I laid there on the bed afterwards feeling what she must feel after I finish pounding her. When I finally stood up, to wash up, I almost lost my balance. She fucked me so hard, deep, and good. I am looking forward to that again!

Not sure if the Optimo is our goto toy yet, due to the added warmup time needed, but it was well worth the price and a great addition to the Progressive Toybox.


  • Body-safe silicone that is easy to cleanup
  • Dual-Density provides a nice squishy feel and helps with popping the head in, while remaining firm for pounding
  • Curved shaft ensures the head is closer to the P-Spot or G-Spot
  • Harness compatible, nice soft wide base fits well in a standard harness
  • Looks great, the color swirls from them being hand poured are really a thing of beauty


  • Might be nice to have a little taper from the head into the shaft, but some people like this
  • Can be on the expensive side, but worth what you pay in my opinion

Overall: 8.8/10

Vendor Description

Latin for the best, the most optimum, The Optimo with a forward curve and prominent squishy head, is designed for optimal G-spot or prostate stimulation. With two layers of silicone for a realistic touch and feel, The Optimo with its pronounced foreskin, and vein texturing, is soft to the touch but firm when squeezed. All Uberrime Dildos are handmade, so no two toys appear exactly alike.


  • Body-safe platinum silicone and cosmetics pigments
  • Dual density: Soft and Squishy Exterior over a Firm Core
  • G- or P-spotting head
  • Raised shaft texture
  • Harness compatible


  • Head diameter: 1.87”
  • Shaft diameter: 1.67” max
  • Total length: 7”
  • Usable length: 6”

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