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Why the SpareParts Joque Harness Review? Well, I just can’t believe I haven’t put a review together on this sooner. This is by far our favorite harness. We started out with a simple harness that came with the Tantus Vamp Strap-on Kit. While that is great for budget minded buyers and getting started with pegging, it is by no means where your journey should end. The Vamp dildo itself is still one of our favorite toys to use solo or for pegging, but the harness is not so great. So we started our search for the queen of harnesses, something that looked hot and sexy and was very functional.

Our requirements had us looking for:

  • Looked Sexy
  • Comfortable for Vivian to wear
  • Easy to put on (the Tantus one was just confusing the first few times)
  • Support for double-dildos (so both parties could be penetrated at the same time)
  • Machine Washable
  • Easy to use O-ring
  • Good position of the O-ring for more natural fucking motion
  • Support for bullet vibe (a nice to have as they haven’t really done much for us thus far)

As we scoured the net and forums, we kept coming across SpareParts. Users regularly said they were hesitant to shell out the dough for one (around $115), but they were glad they did. I like to think of my sex toys as investments that pay dividends with each session we have. I might end up spending $120 just to go out for an evening with Vivian, but if I spend that on one of these and spend the night in….well I now have a harness for life. So when you think of price, think of the context. Your toybox is not full of one and done items, most can be used again and again.

So I decided to drop the coin and buy one. As I browsed SheVibe, I found that there are only two sizes of this harness. It is very adjustable and so only two sizes are needed. The sizes overlap, so it actually makes it pretty easy to buy for your lady and not screw this up. You can also easily see that the O-ring will fit a wide range of toys, up to 2″ in diameter.

SpareParts HardWare Joque Harness Sizes

I ordered up Size A in Royal Purple. I mean, she is my queen! Other colors are available as well.

SpareParts Joque Harness Review Colors

Taking the SpareParts Harwear Joque Harness for a Ride

When the harness arrived, we quickly opened the delivery box and saw a nice Black box inside, inside of which was the harness and a nice garment bag for machine washing. You have no idea how exciting it is to have a garment bag to throw this thing in the wash with everything else (we still line dry to ensure longevity).

As we pulled it out, I could see Vivian getting a little excited to take it for a ride. I am a bit of a freak about always washing things before use, especially if they are in contact with intimate areas, so we gave it a quick wash and hung it to dry and be ready for our evening.

Evening Cums:

As with many of our pegging sessions, I like to ensure that Vivian gets a few solid orgasms before we move onto me. We were both very excited to try out the new harness, but I still owed Viv some Os. We started with a little fellatio as I slowly kissed my way down her body until I reached her glorious pussy. I took my time kissing and licking around and taking care to only slightly tease her clit. Each time I passed by the clit I gave it a bit more attention, until I was lapping and down her pussy hitting her clit with to top of my tongue on each pass up and the bottom on each pass down. She told me how badly she wanted my cock inside her, so I played with her clit a bit more and then moved up and dove my cock into her waiting pussy. She gasped at the size which quickly turned into deep moans. I fucked her deep and hard until she came, then moving from Cat position, I lifted her legs up and knelt between her into The Anvil. This allows for some deep penetration, and with some proper positioning, you can hammer away at her G-Spot. Ever fucked your girl’s G-Spot? If not, give this a try and make sure your cock rubs along the top inside of her pussy. I am fortunate to have some decent length at 6.5″, but even the short strokes make her squirm with delight. Keep in mind, this can be a bit overwhelming for some women, so start slow if you attack the G-spot. She came hard many times more, once we caught our breath Vivian said it was my turn to get fucked.

Vivian hopped off the bed and reached into our Toybox, grabbing our new SpareParts Joque harness and the Tantus Vamp. She pushed the Vamp through the O-ring with relative ease and then covered the base with the little fabric curtains that are behind the O-ring. These provide a bit more comfort between the base of the toy and her skin. It took us a couple seconds to figure out the orientation of the harness, but not too long. We undid the Velcro straps, she stepped into the legs and we slid it up her. Then we Velcro’d it around her waist, tightened up the leg straps, and then tightened the adjustment straps on the waist. Once adjusted we realized that future sessions neededn’t require much more than her stepping into it and cinching the Velcro.

SpareParts Joque Harness and pegging
Credit: SpareParts HardWear, LLC

Once all strapped in, she just stood there with her hands on her hips staring at me with those gorgeous eyes that said “I want to fuck you.” Her Vamp cock was standing at attention and at a nice position for her to control the action. She told me to bend over the bed so she could take me from behind. I did as she asked. I then felt the cool touch of a lubed finger spreading Sliquid Sassy lube all over my ass. Then she pushed her finger in fast and deep hitting my prostate. My cock twitched at the attention and my ass begged for more. She worked with one finger and then did not hesitate to add a second continuing to stroke my prostate as she slowly fucked my ass with her fingers. The added a third finger and then told me that I was ready. After she pulled her fingers out my empty ass was just aching to be filled with something again. Vivian did not disappoint, she lubed up the Vamp and then slowly pushed that red cock into my ass. Even thought she worked me with three fingers, it was still a bit of a shock to have the head pop into my ass. She paused there and just moved her hips from side to side, giving a little bit of a wiggle to her cock and a little stretch along with it. Then she slowly pushed deeper and deeper as my ass took it in inch by inch until I felt the warmth of her hips hitting my ass. It felt so wonderful and intimate to have her buried inside of me and our bodies touching. She pulled out almost all the way and then plunged her red cock back into me. She fucked me with a nice rhythm, not too slow, but not too fast yet. It was a good thing we had thrown a little towel on the floor because my cock was leaking cum everywhere. Her cock felt so good in my ass. Vivian then decided she wanted to look at me, so she had me roll over on my back with my ass on the edge of the bed and my legs on her shoulders. She placed a pillow under my lower back and ass to help raise my hips up to meet her. Once I was how she wanted me, she grabbed her cock and positioned it over my ass again. Once again I felt her spread my ass with her cock as she penetrated me. From this position she could lean forward and kiss me as she fucked me. I was also able to stare at this beautiful creature fucking me and the look of lust on her face. She is so fucking sexy! As she plowed into my ass she went as deep as she could and picked up the pace. I felt the force of her hips slam into my ass as she buried her cock deep as deep as she could. She grabbed my legs near my hips and pulled me into her. That was enough to set me off, I was feeling like I was having full body orgasms from the prostate and anal stimulation. I could not take anymore and grabbed my cock and started furiously jerking off as she fucked my ass. Within only a matter of seconds, streams of my cum were shooting all over my stomach, legs and Vivian. My body convulsed with pleasure as I came so hard. I was spent. Vivian kissed me gently, slowly pulled her cock out and then walked to the bathroom. My eyes followed her the whole way as I saw this beauty walking naked except for this gorgeous purple harness and red cock. After I caught my breath I walked with weak legs to the bathroom to clean up.

The toy pulled out of the harness easily for cleanup. The harness fabric had absorbed some of the lubricant, but pretty sure that happens with any harness. I just have had black harnesses before and it was more visible on the purple. But, it was not to worry as we just washed it with a little mild dish soap and water in the sink and then hung it to dry. We launder it every couple of sessions or more when we feel like it.

In talking to Vivian afterwards, she said she really liked the comfort of the harness. The waist straps are nice and wide, so they do not dig in. The leg straps were also comfortable. But most of all the toy was held in a good position for control and also she didn’t feel like it was digging into her pubic bone like with other harnesses. She had no complaints and decided that it would be our primary harness for now on (until we find something better that is).

After looking recently at the selection on the SpareParts site, they do have some new entries that might be worth trying in the future.


  • Looks really hot on her
  • Stable and gives good control
  • Only two sizes that overlap and very adjustable, so minimal worries about buying the wrong size
  • Easy to put on, Velcro Straps make it a cinch
  • Comes with a wash bag to easily launder


  • O-Ring is limited to 2″ diameter toys, so if you have something bigger you are out of luck
  • A hand prewash might be needed for some HE washing machines as the garment bag restricts some of the agitation cycle impact.

Overall: 9.7 / 10

Manufacturer’s Description:

The Joque™ is the first and the original harness from SpareParts HardWear™. Beautifully hand crafted using high quality materials which has been created to last. This sexy and stylish harness is a jockey two strap style harness which has been designed with comfort, quality, flexibility and fun in mind. Versatile and lightweight, it is the only harness you will ever need!  

The elastic O-ring is stretchable making it suitable for a variety of different dildos and attachments that works with both single and double dildos, so every use can be a new experience. The simplicity of the O-ring means it’s easy to switch dildos, even during play; you slide the toy of choice through the O-ring and slide out when you’re done. As the O-ring is also made from the same stretchy material, it won’t lose shape! 

The Joque™ has comfortable and adjustable leg straps and belt}. The belt is secured with Velcro and has a unique second elastic pull feature which locks your product in place. The locking mechanisms on the leg strap lets you move sliders into place and the locking teeth holds the straps and harness securely.

The new Joque™ now also has two internal mini vibe pockets (vibes not included) one above and one below the O-ring. This improved design allows for extra vibration stimulation of your toy, as well for the wearer as for the receiver. The mini vibes can be easily inserted into the pockets from the inside of the pouch and as they sit in front of the toy, they are not directly against you and your partner; creating an additional pleasurable and sensual sensation.  The mini vibes can also be turned on or off through the fabric, so play never needs to be interrupted. 

For those of you who like packing, the Joque™ is the perfect harness to pack since it is comfortable, lightweight with breathable fabric making it suitable to wear for extended periods of time! 

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