What it means to peg someone

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The skinny

What does it mean to peg someone? “Pegging” is a sexual practice in which a person penetrates the anus of their partner using a strap-on dildo, other sex toy, or something that can serve as a phallic replacement. In this sense, “pegging” is a term used to describe a particular type of anal sex where the person being penetrated (typically a man) experiences stimulation of the prostate gland.

While this is usually performed in a heterosexual relationship, with a woman being the penetrator and a man being the receptive partner (taking it up the ass), it can also be practiced in other sexual orientation relationships as well.

Pegging? Strange name.

The term was first coined by sex columnist Dan Savage. The story goes that in 2001 his readers wanted a simple name for this act, so he put it out to a vote and got his readers feedback, finally settling on pegging.

Pegging has been in porn since the 70s and became even more popular when harnesses became more widespread online in the 90s.

Pegging in pop culture

If you pay attention, you will see this pop up in many places as it becomes less taboo and gender roles and norms become more fluid.

I was surprised when I saw it come up on an episode of Broad City.

Broad City - did you peg him or not
Abbi in Broad City pegging

Not so surprised to see that a Royal engages in it.

Prince William Royal pegging prince of pegging

What is pegging like?

Pegging can be a very pleasurable and intimate experience for both partners, where the (typically) man is giving control to a female partner, allowing them to explore different forms of pleasure and physical sensations. This allows for a role and power reversal that can be very exciting for both partners, with the man ceding control to the woman, allowing her to be in the power position as the penetrator. In the process they get to challenge of traditional gender roles and sexual norms.

As a male, from an experience standpoint, pegging is an entirely different type of sex. Having your ass hanging of the bed with a woman between your legs fucking your ass as she stares at you with lust in her eyes is out of this world. Her “cock” stimulates all the nerve endings in your ass while also hitting your prostate. This anal experience provides for more of a full body orgasm that I can only guess is closer to what a woman may feel when she orgasms. Doing a missionary position is just as (if not more) intimate when pegging as when having traditional sex. She gets to be the one on top as you caress and she fucks your ass.

If you are interested, just make sure you use plenty of high quality lube, but first make sure she is comfortable.

That is what is means to peg someone.

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