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Why a Square Peg Toys Steve 2.0 review? Well, I am always on the search for the perfect toy for Vivian to use on my ass that can hit my prostate just right for that prostate orgasm. In my past searches I came across Square Peg Toys a number of times and finally decided I should try one out. I dug through their site which has quite a variety from plugs to prostate toys to wagging puppy tails and a whole lot more depending on how adventurous you are with your ass. Many are well beyond my skill level, but most toys come in various sizes so you can find the Goldilocks toy for your ass. The Charlie Horse toys look really interesting, but maybe those are for a future review. For now I was looking for something that Vivian could peg me with or use use manually to thrust.

As I continued my search, I came across a number of realistic toys, almost all which have been molded after a real cock and have a story to go with them. The Square Peg Toys Steve 2.0 stood out in my search due its story. Here is a snippet that grabbed my attention.

My bud couldn’t stop raving about the power Steve’s perfectly shaped curve held over his prostate. He’s got a nice girth too, just enough so you know he’s there, the thick root giving you good control over where the head is pushing.

I saw a few colors and figured I would go for the Bronze color and then came the size. While I do like a good girth, the length is something I don’t like to be too much longer than a bit over 6″ unless I am doing some depth play. I was torn between the Actual Size and the 1X, but figured I couldn’t go wrong with the actual size, after all that was what his friend raved about.


Actual SizeHeight 6.2″ • Circumference Head 6″ / Max 7.3″ (at base of shaft)Height 15.5cm • Circumference Head 15cm / Max 19cm (at base of shaft)
1XHeight 6.5″ • Circumference Head 6.3″ / Max 7.5″ (at base of shaft)Height 16cm • Circumference Head 16.5cm / Max 19.5cm (at base of shaft)
2XHeight 7.5″ • Circumference Head 7.4″ / Max 8.4″ (at base of shaft)Height 19cm • Circumference Head 19cm / Max 21.5cm (at base of shaft)

Next option was to decide if I wanted it with a SquarePeg Hole, FlushCup, or Regular Base. While I didn’t really need anything but the regular base, I was a bit concerned with the circumference at the base and if it would work with the SpareParts Joque Harness we love so much. I have also always been curious about the different Vac-u-loc mounts and such. So I emailed Square Peg and asked them what their SquarePeg Hole was all about. Scott quickly got back to me to tell me about compatibility:

The SquarePegHole™ is a universal hole and works with any of the peg type adapters like Hung, MrS and Doc Johnson, as long as the shaft on them is 3/4 inch diameter. So not Tantus which is much smaller.

Square Peg Square Hole

Armed with that information I looked for a good base that we could use in the harness and also a handle that Vivian could use to really get a good grip on the toy when fucking my ass by hand.

So I first ordered up a Doc Johnson Vac U Lock Black Handle and also some Vac-U Powder (which is really just cornstarch if you want to save a few bucks, but it does come with a nice dispenser). I then ordered the Blush Lock on Adapter to use in the harness.

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Black Handle

Testing out the Square Peg Toys Steve 2.0

Vivian was excited to use this new toy on me. We grabbed the Blush Lock on Adapter and slid it through the back of the O-Ring on our SpareParts Joque harness. We then put a little Vac-U powder in the SquarePeg hole of the Steve 2.0 and then slid it onto the mount. Very easy to do and it was stable as well.

Vivian stepped into the Harness and pulled it up placing her cock in position as she tightened the straps. She commented on how hefty the cock felt, but the harness and the adapter held it strong.

Vivian pushed me back on the bed and lifted my legs up to prepare my ass. Then she lubed up her finger and slid it in my ass immediately raking it across my prostate. My cock twitched with excitement. She quickly added a second finger to the mix and continued to stroke my prostate, as she did pre-cum started pooling on my stomach. I was moaning with pleasure when she added a third finger and then a fourth to make sure I was good and ready for the Steve 2.0. The pleasure continued, but we both knew what needed to come next. So Vivian lubed up the Steve with some Sliquid Sassy lube and positioned herself.

I felt the toy pushing at my backdoor. She slowly pushed until the head popped in. The toy is a mix of a firm core and software outer material, and even with the soft material the head was pronounced (though not near as pronounced as the Uberrime Optimo). I gasped a little as it popped into my ass after which the shaft did not feel very large…then she started pushing in deeper. Wow, this toy get significantly thicker as you go down the shaft. The texture of the veins and skin is also very noticeable. At first, while my ass was still working to accommodate this girth it was a little abrasive, but after I got used to the size and a little more stretched out I started to like the texture.

Vivian started to slowly fuck me and I could feel the head of the cock rub my prostate just as the maker’s friend had raved about. It felt really good. Viv grabbed my thighs near my hips and pulled me into her cock which drove me crazy letting her control me. I felt the small impulses of a prostate orgasm and a few small beads of cum spurt from my cock. I could not hold on much longer and grabbed my cock and started stroking furiously as she pounded my ass. Just before I came, the Steve slipped out, but I had already made it over the peak and there was no stopping the eruption of cum that shot all over me.

This toy was pretty great. It is a wee bit short for pegging in my opinion because Vivian did have trouble keeping it in. So I might opt to try the 1x size as it is not that much more girth and the small bit of length may make all the difference. But that was as a pegging toy, which we will still do again! A few nights later we tried out the Doc Johnson Vac U Lock Black Handle, and that is where this shines.

I grabbed the Steve 2.0 and the Vac-U powder along with the Black Handle. A little puff of powder into the SquarePegHole and the Handle slid in nicely. This toy was my first experience with a Vac-U Lock or similar setup and I must say in both the harness and this handle, they hold really well.

After Vivian loosened me up, she knelt between my legs as I lay on my back. She picked up my legs and grabbed the Steve and inserted it. As before it felt really nice. With the handle she said she had total control, like the toy was really an extension of her hand. She also said her hand did not get tired from trying to grip the bottom of a toy at a strange angle.

She fucked my ass good with Steve and the prostate pleasure was out of this world. I grabbed my cock to masturbate while she was fucking me, but after only a couple strokes I had to stop. After another 10-15 seconds of her fucking me I came so hard, and I wasn’t even touching my cock. It was so incredible.

The Verdict

This was really my first hands free cum from anal penetration and it made me a believer of Square Peg Toys! If you haven’t tried one, I think the Steve 2.0 or one of their other realistic toys are worth the investment. Their support was fast to respond, shipping was pretty quick, and the product quality is fantastic. This might be my new favorite toy.


  • Multiple options for a base (mount, suction cup, or harness base)
  • Great quality
  • Beautiful toy
  • Feels great on the prostate


  • None really

Overall: 9.2/10

Vendor Description

2.0 Realistics have higher polished surfaces to reduce friction and make clean up an easier thing, so some of the detailing of the original casts have been smoothed out and glans is polished. This is an entirely new toy and sizing may have changed slightly from the first generation.

Steve was introduced to me by a friend of mine. I knew he wasn’t into bottoming much anally but when he suddenly was texting me pics of a new guy he had met and raving about how good his stick felt I knew he had peeked behind the curtain and discovered a little more about my world and how good anal play can be. If you look at toys in the SquarePegToys® line this recognizable curve works well at pleasuring holes, so finding this curve in a real life example I knew right away I needed to make him into a toy, and thankfully for us all, he agreed!

My bud couldn’t stop raving about the power Steve’s perfectly shaped curve held over his prostate.  He’s got a nice girth too, just enough so you know he’s there, the thick root giving you good control over where the head is pushing.

The images illustrate fairly well how the harness versions are based on the original casts with the balls simply carved away, that’s where the smooth areas on the base of the shaft come from. So consider this aspect if you want a bit more length to the toy. 😉

Maximum Circumference listed is where the base of the shaft meets the harness base.

Ring Diameters (I.D.) for Harness:
Actual Size – 2 ½”
1x – 2 ½”
2x – 2 ¾”

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