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Tantus makes some of my favorite toys, hence this Tantus General Review. I really do enjoy the dedication to the craft and support of the . They also make their toys in their “Tantus Silicone,” which is high quality, non-toxic, and body friendly. Even the pigments they use are carefully chosen to ensure they do not leach or cause issues. Plus, the finish really holds lube well. So if you are tired of toys that lose that slickness from the lube quickly, consider the Tantus toy lines. Oh and they clean up really easily and are boilable if you want to sterilize them.

So one evening Vivian and I were doing some searching for our next toy…OK maybe I was just really horny for the next to to be used on me. But, anyway, we were laying in bed as I did my searches and I came across the General. I read up on the dimensions: 7-inches insertable (check), first bump diameter 1.9″ (check), second bump diameter 2.1″ (hmmm), third bump diameter 2.2″ (gulp). Now, that means the largest bump is almost 7″ around (6.9 actually). I know I have gone larger at times, like a fist, but this still just seemed very daunting.

The biggest two draws for me were actually the pressure from the bumps and the curve to help with hitting the P-spot.

I figured I had nothing to lose, so I hopped on SheVibe and ordered it up in black.

Like a child waiting for a toy, I waited the days for it to come. When it arrived I eagerly opened it up. As much as I wanted to try it out, I knew the first moment would be best shared with Vivian.

Trying out the Tantus General

Getting the toy in can be a challenge. This is an advanced toy. This size is not for beginners of anal play.

When you pull this toy out, the first thing that hits you is the weight, this is one hefty toy. It is made of the Tantus premium silicone, so it does have a little give, but it is still a very solid toy that just begs for action and makes you breath a little shallower.

After some fun sex, I laid on my back and Viv assumed the position sitting between my legs. She started with a little prostate play with one, then two, then three fingers. From there she moved on to the Tantus Vamp that came with the Strapon kit we first purchased, which btw is a nice first step into pegging at an affordable price if you are interested. After some solid play with the Vamp, which is 1.7″ diameter, she grabbed the GENERAL!!!

She lubed it up with some of our favorite Sliquid Sassy anal lube. She pushed at my backdoor and I pushed against the toy. It felt big! After some more pushing it popped in past the first bump, I had to take a few deep breaths and pause as my body adjusted to stretch. I didn’t realize 0.2″ would feel like that much more. From there she pushed deeper past the second bump, which felt great and surprisingly more manageable. Finally she pushed for the third bump, wow was that intense. Not only was is stretching my opening, but it was also stretching my innards. This thing is 7″ of insertable length and that filled me up. We proceeded to play along the first couple bumps and she was able to bring me to a few prostate orgasms that I had never experienced before. Incredible feeling!!! I was then ready to stroke my cock and have her go to town with it. She pushed it deeper each time and it was almost overwhelming. My body has adjusted some by then, but still it was over the top. I started to cum and she quickly grabbed my cock and gobbled up the cum, making sure that none was wasted. Wow! I couldn’t even walk after those multiple orgasms.

This toy has become one of our favorites, but it always takes some prework to get it in. If Viv is only using her fingers, she pretty much has to use four fingers just to stretch me to a point that it is not painful when she assaults my ass with the General.

Oh and I used it for self play, wow, you can really get it to hit the spot on your own as well. Love those prostate orgasms!


  • Design: Just about perfect. Great curve, bumps are a good challenge, and tapered tip is not too blunt.
  • P-Spot: Yup, it hits the spot.
  • Tantus Silicone: Easy to clean, holds body heat, holds lube well, you can boil to sanitize if you like.
  • Heft: You know where this toy is in you!


  • It says it is Harness Compatible, but I have yet to get the right o-ring to work for this and the base it not really designed for it.
  • There could be a bit more taper to the tip, but then this thing would just be too long.

Overall: 9.5/10

Vendor Description

Our General is an intermediate to advanced dildo with a beautifully curved shaft designed to stimulate all the right places and is also harness compatible. Great for prostate and g-spot play. This big toy will give you the ultimate reach to satisfaction.

Safe For Your Body: Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
Easy To Clean: Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, Bleachable and Dishwasher Safe.

1st bump: 1.9″
2nd bump: 2.1″
3rd bump: 2.2″

Length: 7″

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